Day 01: Huaraz ā€“ drive to Quilcahuanca - hike to Tullpacocha
In Huaraz City we will aboard a private transportation until Quilcayhuanca entrance, around 2 hours from Huaraz, in Pitec we will be arriving the Huascaran National Park, where our Donkey Driver and Donkeys will be waiting for us to transport our camping equipments to Tullpacocha, along this route we will have a splendid views of Andavite Mountain, after hiking four to five hours will arriving to Tullpacocha and overnight at 4250m.

Day 02: Tullpacocha ā€“ Huapi pass (5000m) - Cojup
After breakfast in the morning, we will get to Huapi Pass (5000m) for about 3 hours half approximately, before pass we will enjoy the nice Lake Cuchillacocha at 4625m, on the Top we will stay for some minutes to enjoying the splendid views for nice peaks like Huapi, Pucaranra, Tullparaju, Andavite, Cayash, Maparaju, etc, after that we will go down to Cojup valley, which is our second Camp Perolcocha at 4000m.

Day 03: Cojup ā€“ Huaraz
After breakfast in our camp we will start walk down along Cojup valley, for about 2 hours half approximately, where our transport will be waiting for us to transfer to Huaraz. Arriving at 3:00pm.